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Ask a plumber is a free service provided by Complete Choice Plumbing Inc. where you can get all your plumbing questions answered accurately, reliably, and responsibly by a licensed plumbing professional. Wether you want to know how to do something, or if it is wise to tackle a project yourself, from how to replace your garbage disposal, to should I replace my water heater myself. Do you want to add a basement bathroom yourself? Ask a plumber or call us, and we will tell you what you need to know, to do it yourself.


We can answer questions on plumbing code, give you fix it advice, or tell you how to repipe your house.



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Our plumbers will help you answer all you plumbing questions.




What is ask a plumber?


Ask a plumber is a place where you can go to get accurate, reliable, responsible plumbing advice for free from a licensed plumber.

Who can ask a plumber?

Ask a plumber is a free service provided by Complete Choice Plumbing, and is available to anyone who has a plumbing question.

What kind of questions can I ask a plumber?

Ask a plumber is for any question relating to plumbing, plumbing accessories. You can ask us anything from how to fix a toilet to how or how to add a basement bathroom, and expect an accurate reliable response.

Where can I find answers to questions that other people have asked prviously?

For a archive of previously asked and answered questions click here, or if you prefer to see video tutorials visit our youtube channel



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