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Our Journey


How Complete Choice Plumbing got its start as a full service Saint Charles plumbing contractor


When I was young, before I became a plumber, my grandmother needed some plumbing repairs done in her house. She hired a man that was not licensed. After he finished the work, she paid him a lot of money. He was gone before she realized the problem wasn't fixed. After numerous attempts to contact the man, with no response, she gave up. Unfortunately, she paid someone for nothing.


Its stories like these that give plumbers a bad reputation. That is exactly why it is so important to find a plumber that is not only properly licensed and insured, but also consistent, cheerful, and capable.

In 2002 I started a plumbing apprenticeship. I worked on residential new construction, commercial new construction, and commercial remodeling projects. During my time as a apprentice I attended plumbing trade school at night while working full time with the tools during the day. In 2007 I journeyed out and became a master plumber. A year later, new construction came to a screeching halt and, as we all know, trades people across America were laid off, including me. Luckily, I chanced upon a job selling plumbing products retail, under the title “master plumbing specialist”. I found myself giving advice to contractors and do-it-yourselfers. I guided them towards the right products and tools for the job. In my position I learned to communicate with all sorts of people. I gained the ability to listen to a description of the customer's plumbing problem, figure out a solution that was as easy and economical as possible, and teach the customers how to do it the right way. I also became an expert of all our products, as well as all of our competitors' products, and learned how to fix them all.

Through conversation, I discovered that a great amount of my customers were not home owners doing small projects themselves or plumbing professionals. They were handymen and remodelers who were installing plumbing incorrectly, even after (and contrary to) my professional advice. I saw them coming in every day, attempting to do what I was trained to do, and doing it improperly, unbeknownst to their customers. After three and a half years, this conflict of interest was more than I could stand, and I resigned from retail.

I thought I could do more good and communicate with more people by running a business, instead of walking the aisles. So I decided to take my knowledge and experience and try to make a difference. I started Complete Choice Plumbing Inc. to set a new standard in customer service and competence that exceeds your expectations. One that our competitors will try to match, which will change the plumbers' stereotype from unreliable and discourteous; to an honest, friendly professional, who is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone else.











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